Marketing brochures are one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools used to inform customers of their services or products. They are simple to produce, cost effective and easy to distribute. Brochures are well worth your consideration when coming up with a marketing strategy. By creating a brief, but informative version of your organization's message, you can:

Relay core ideas
Introduce new products or services
Explain existing products and services
And much more

Customers can also pass along your brochures to other potential customers. This provides your business with even wider distribution of your information.

Brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Often they come in a tri-fold layout and can include inserts such as business cards, coupons or additional pages and flyers. Many people have come to expect printed materials from a credible business, and brochures are a perfect medium. The low cost of brochures makes them especially beneficial for small businesses. Compared to other methods of promotion, it's hard to beat the price - and ROI - of brochures. Costs will vary based on size, paper type, and quantity, but note that printing in larger quantities will reduce the price per piece.